Self-Serve Package C-$513


  • Bar/Setup, Delivery, and Tear Down INCLUDED
    • 4-foot self-serve pallet bar
    • Glass dispensing units for all non-alcoholic drinks
    • 2 Large Coffee pots
    • 1 Large Ice Chest
    • 2 Small Ice Chest
  • All basic coffee, water, tea, and lemonade essentials:
    • Stir Sticks
    • Sugar
    • Creamer
    • Sweetener
    • Spoons

Up to 400 clear plastic cups for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks included

Up to 110 coffee cups

Up to six 12 packs of soda/customer choice*

1 pot of Regular coffee up to 42 cups

1 pot of Decaf coffee up to 42 cups

10 Gallons of drinking Water

5 Gallons of Tea

5 Gallons Lemonade

200 Lbs of Ice

Some exclusions apply. See contract for details, terms, and conditions for all packages, services, and rentals.